Top Dog Upgrades

Make it an extra special stay with custom services your dog will love! We want every day at Ruffin' It Resort to be comfortable, enjoyable and FUN! That’s why all hotel stays include up to 2 hours of group activities each day with other hotel guests. Daycare is also available for an extra charge of $15.50 per half day or $20 for a full day of structured and unstructured activities in our state-of-the art play parks.

Top dog upgrades at Ruffin' It Resort

Available Upgrades

Beauty & Bath Spa

Paw Spa Packages

  • 4 Paw Pedicure Nail Trim: $14
  • Full brush out: $7
  • Teeth brushing: $6

Niagara Falls Wash n' Dry Bath

  • Small Dogs (Long Hair: $20 - Short Hair: $16)
  • Large Dogs (Long Hair: $24 - Short Hair: $22)
  • Giant Dogs (Long hair: $26 - Short Hair: $24)
Activities & Exercise

Your choice - $9.75 each or 3 activities for $29!

  • 1 mile private walk or run to explore the neighborhood and get extra exercise Rate: $14.00
  • 20 minute private cuddle time with one of our Canine Caretakers Rate: $12.00
  • 20 minute private playtime doing the activity of guest's choice (frisbee, fetch, tug-o-war, etc.) Rate: $11.00
Snack Shack

  • 'Yappy Hour' Frosty treat plus extra love and attention: $3.00
  • Specialty cookie of the season: $3.00
  • Busy Bone (Peanut Butter stuffed rubber toy): $3.00
  • NEW! Wobble Kong toy filled with high quality treats: $3.00
Email Updates and Photos

Sent directly to you so you can see all the fun Sparky is having during his resort stay!

  • One update with photo: $10
  • Two updates with photos: $14
  • Three updates with photos: $19
Hotel Guest Social Club

Sniff some good smells, stretch your legs, and join in all the fun with full-access daycare!

  • Half day: $17.50
  • Full day: $22.00

Special Needs Rates

We welcome guests with special needs and will do whatever is necessary to ensure they are comfortable and happy throughout their stay. We have extensive experience with all types of guests including (but not limited to): insulin injections and blood level monitoring, seizure-prone guests, guests in their "golden oldie" years (hip problems, arthritis, etc.), and guests recovering from surgical procedures.

Special needs rates depend upon the specific need(s) (i.e. insulin shots). Rates range from $3 to $10 per day. If your 'fur baby' needs only minimal medications (i.e. administering two medications), there is no charge.

Guests that enjoy being around only a few other dogs and only for short periods of time, or what we call "hotel groups only guests": $3 per day.

Guests that do not do well in a group of dogs, or what we call "private guests": $6 per day.

Not sure if your dog is social with other dogs?  We'll be happy to evaluate your dog in a controlled setting.

Reminder that stays of 3 nights or more include a complimentary bath.

To make a reservation, call us today or make a request online.