Bungalows, Suites, and Luxury Villas

Nothing beats the comfort of home, but we like to think we come pretty darn close. From cozy bungalows to our ultra-indulgent luxury suites, we’re confident that your pooch is going to have one doggone good time! Our goal is to provide your precious pup with a quiet, clean, and calming environment where they can relax, run around, meet new friends, and get spoiled by our staff.

Give your pooch the amenities of a 5-star resort while you’re away! Our bungalows are furnished with ‘Super Soft Max’ beds, binge-worthy doggy television shows and movies, and of course, all the luxury accommodations for your fur-iend! Along with the spacious bungalow, your pup will enjoy 2 hours a day of group activities with their new Ruffin’ It mates!

Bungalow Rate:$41.00 per day
Two Dogs Rate:$68.50 per day (-$13.50 discount) (each dog must be under 20 lbs)
Size of Bungalow:5.5' x 4.5'
Stays of 3 nights or more include:a complimentary pet bath

Hotel Guest Daycare Rates
Half Day$17.50
Full Day$22.00

Looking to give your furry friend more space to roam in their rooms? Our suites offer a little bit more legroom than our Bungalows, giving them plenty of space to sprawl out. No matter if your dog is big or small, at Ruffin’ It Resort, they can enjoy basking in the sun on the outdoor patio or to relaxing with the latest doggy flick!

Suites Rate: $44.00 per day
Suite 2 Guests:$74.50
Suites with patio rate: $46.00 per day
Suites with patio 2 guest rate: $78.50
Size of Suite:6.5' x 4.5'
Stays of three nights or more include:A complimentary pet bath

Hotel Guest Daycare Rates
Half Day$17.50
Full Day$22.00

Spoil your furry friend with a stay they’ll be waggin’ their tail about for years to come! Whether your pooch is an adventure seeker or a pampered princess, we’ve got a plethora of themed luxury villas to accommodate your four-legged companion’s style and needs.

All of our luxury villas have outside patios for an ultimate doggy experience!

Villa Single Rate:$48.00/day
Villa 2 Guests:$82.50/day (-$13.50 discount)
Villa 3 Guests:$118.00/day (-26.00 discount)
Size of Villa6.5’ x 6.5’
Stays of three nights or more includeA complimentary pet bath

Hotel Guest Daycare Rates
Half Day$17.50
Full Day$22.00

Single Guest Hotel Rates:

Bungalow: $41.00 per day
Suite: $44.00 per day
Suites with Patio: $46.00 per day
Luxury Villa: $48.00 per day
Club Aspen & Vail Retreat: $55.00 per day
Central Bark Lounge: $61.00 per day
Pooches-in-Pajamas: $70.00 per day
Presidential and Ambassador: $69.00 per day

Family Hotel Rates:

Bungalow 2 guests (both under 25 pounds): $68.50 per day
Suite 2 guests: $74.50 per day
Suite with Patio 2 guests: $78.50 per day
Villa 2 guests: $82.50 per day
Villa 3 guests:$118 per day
Club Aspen & Vail Retreat 2 guests: $92.50 per day
Central Bark Lounge 2 guests: $106.50 per day
Central Bark Lounge 3 guests:
$154.00 per day
Presidential and Ambassador 2 guests: $119 per day
Presidential and Ambassador 3 guests: $119 per day

Updates and photos emailed directly to you so you can see all the fun Sparky is having during his resort stay!

One update with one photo:$10.00
Two updates with photos:$14.00
Three updates with photos: $19.00

It’s our mission at Ruffin’ It Resort to ensure your pooch has an enjoyable stay with us! To request a reservation, please feel free to give us a call or book online. For more information about our cancellation policy, click here.

'Yappy Hour' Frosty treat: $3.00
Specialty cookie of the season: $3.00
Busy Bone (Peanut Butter stuffed rubber toy) $3.00
NEW! Wobble Kong toy filled with high quality treats: $3.00
1 mile private walk or run to explore the neighborhood and get extra exercise: $14.00
20-minute private playtime doing the activity of guest's choice (frisbee, fetch, tug-o-war, etc.):$12.00
15-minute private cuddle time with one of our Canine Caretakers: $11.00
Activity Special - Your choice of 3 of the above activities (walk, play, or cuddle): $29.00

  • Small Dogs (Long Hair: $20 – Short Hair: $16)
  • Large Dogs (Long Hair: $24 – Short Hair: $22)
  • Giant Dogs (Long Hair: $26 – Short Hair: $24)
  • 4 Paw Pedicure Nail Trim: $14
  • Full brush out: $7
  • Teeth brushing: $6
  • Half day: $17.50
  • Full day: $22
Have peace of mind knowing your pooch couldn’t be in better hands. With an on-site employee available 24 hours a day, security and fire protection systems, and a wellness check, you can rest easy knowing your four-legged companion is having a doggone good time!